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Monday, August 17, 2015

About Me

My purpose here is to relay some of the great gifts I have been given. I openly encourage everyone to read with an open mind and heart, and question when questioned. I've had so many overwhelming enlightenment's recently that I was compelled to share with anyone willing to spend a few minutes to read my words. And for that I thank you! And I'm humbled for the opportunity to communicate whatever comes. I love sharing my thoughts and visions and I hope it encourages others to do the same. We all have these experiences but many don't talk about them with people for tons of reasons. Number one reason for me has always been fear. Fear of judgement, ridicule, you name it.  I've come to discover that fear is the true opposite of love because fear is what leads us down a path to hate. We're not born hating people. Yoda was right!  I went from being totally out going, in love with the world and everyone in it. To being afraid to talk to people or afraid to leave my house. I felt my heart go from unconditional love to a self-centered cynicism for all people. This blog is about my journey back.

I've spent the last several years researching as much as possible desperately looking for answers to what exactly, I didn't know. Now I know it was truth that I was seeking. I've always trusted and relied on my intuition and I'm so grateful for that. I certainly have not always followed it but I've learned to trust it more and more the older I've gotten, and now more than ever. For years I couldn't tell you who that little voice was inside my head guiding me. I first learned to pray when I was a young adult and I realized that someone or something answered me back. Naturally I assumed it to be God himself, 20 years later I finally discovered that voice is my higher-self or my oversoul guiding me.  We all have the ability - contrary to popular belief we're not crazy. Though there is a lot of evil in this world who want us to think that. "You're hearing voices... ok here's some medication" When I was numb from medication I didn't care about anything really especially trying to better myself. Why should I, if you feel no pain there's no motivation for change. Of course I'm not a doctor, I'm not telling anyone to stop taking medication but I can tell you that I went from taking 5 different medications to zero. I had chronic pain and depression caused by my own grief, anger and FEAR! Clearing my mind with prayer and meditation has only made that little voice a loud one.